Astoria: The Holders of Power Saga - Full Game Release! community,

It is with great pleasure that on 09/05/17 around 1800 hours (Central US time) that I will finally publish the complete game of Astoria: The Holders of Power Saga!  This game has been in development for years and I can't wait to see what the community thinks of it!  ATHOPS has been released for the past month, has had many updates, has had strictly positive reviews, and many have reached out saying how much they enjoyed playing it!  I hope those of you that tried and enjoyed the demo give it a shot - the demo only covers about 1/7th of the game -  and those that haven't... if you like retro RPGs, this one is for you!

Happy gaming, and I appreciate all feedback!  I hope you enjoy my contribution to the video game community!


Golden Unicorn Gaming


ATHOPS Demo.exe 484 MB
Jul 27, 2017

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