New Build Update with Patchfix Notes

ATHOPS players,

On 10/20/17 I uploaded a new build with necessary bugfixes based on feedback/playtesting from other players.  Most are minor fixes, but 2 of the fixes resulted in freezing and have now been prevented.  This build fixes the following:

- Changed Ring of Protection to Ring of Warding (didn't fit on status screen, too long)

- Fixed all torches in the Pyramid that flickered
- Fixed passability issues in the Deserted Temples
- Adjusted awkward wording blurb with Petra in the Dreadfort
- Corrected an error of double listing in the end credits

- Fixed a mapping issues in Muggins' Pub and the Hidden Treasures Inn

- Fixed a spelling error in the Silverdale Royal Library - can't have that! :)
- Updated the mace Frostbite's description to reflect +15% counterattack
- Corrected the description on the Earthshaker Rod
- Corrected the description on the spell Radiance to properly reflect damage of 30+INT

- Prevented the player from speaking to Lyrius from behind, resulting in a game breaking bug
- Fixed the two townsfolk in the Copper Fox to better reflect knowledge of the bandit camp
- Fixed all the torches and fires in the Goblin Lair so they don't dance upon interaction
- Reworded the tablet on the 10F of the Enchanted Tower to better reflect goal
- Removed the hills on the Fey Island that didn't generate enemies
- Fixed the hole dug in the Minotaur Lair so that it is not passable
- Fixed the way Emblems stacked so they no longer produced diminishing returns

- Added another text bubble for the Silverdale Knight who explains INT, stating that there is no point to ever increase the LUK stat beyond 100
- Corrected a rare bug with the Sanctuary Quest
- Corrected the bug associated with Petra; once learning Miracle she was able to memorize scrolls - it has now been corrected that she CANNOT memorize scrolls.  Miracle is her only spell.

Thanks for your support!


Golden Unicorn Gaming

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Version 3 Oct 20, 2017

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